Praise for Jimmy...

Comedian Shane Mauss
“Here We Are"

Jimmy is the third editor that I used for my podcast and the last one that I will ever need. Sound quality is one of those things that most people don't really appreciate until there is something wrong with it. ...since Jimmy has taken over, I have not gotten a single report about sound issues and many long-time listeners commented on the quality improvements... he even worked miracles on past audio and podcasts.

Yusong Liu
STARBURNS / “Never Seen It” producer

Working with Jimmy on podcasts has been great! He's always professional, prompt, and meticulous with the mixing/mastering of podcasts and adverts. Plus, he's always willing to collaborate and suggest ways to improve our recording practices. All around a friendly and great guy to work with!

Matt Brousseau

Jimmy is a great editor. He makes smooth edits, asks the right questions, and his final mix is always excellent. His attention to detail makes sure our shows sound perfect on any device. Working with him has made our shows better and my life easier.

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